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Skilled Nursing Care is provided by professional nurses and also includes the development of a nursing care plan under a physician’s orders.

Nurses will observe and evaluate the patient’s condition and report findings to the physician. Instructions will be given to patients regarding diagnosis, medication and safety to promote patient independence and awareness.

Home Health Aides will provide services, in assisting with treatment ordered by the physician under the supervision of the registered nurse. They will advise the professional nurse of any changes in the patient’s condition. The Home Health Aides will also provide personal care and preparation of meals.


Kelly Home Healthcare, Inc. offers these services:

Therapy and Laboratory services are provided as prescribed per physician.

Medical social worker is available to help the patient with problems relating to health, safety and environment. Counseling is also available to help the patient and family members meet health care needs.

The Medical Social Worker along with the health care team will enhance and provide quality care.

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